Fibre Optic Laser Cut

Meet bysprint fibre 3015 6000 6KW

Fibre optic laser is the newest type of laser cutting, it ensures complete accuracy combined with high speed cutting, but uses less power resources.

The laser is generated at the power source, is carried to the cutting head via fibre optic cable where gases are introduced and the cutting starts.

The advantages of fibre optic laser cutting are incredible accuracy, combined with cutting speeds unseen up until a couple of years ago, as well as making us very competitive. It also means that parts do not suffer from heat distortion, this is due in part to the speed the laser head is travelling, and also due to the gases we use to aid the cutting process.

The different shapes we can cut are only limited by what you can draw. We are able to work from Autocad drawings, Adobe PDFs, hand drawn sketches, templates, scanned drawings or photographs. For custom designs, please submit your files and details via the submit a drawing page.

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The Online Easy Order Is for basic shapes as shown above. Drawings with more cut outs or folding need to be quoted. Please email all the information to

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