Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain a quotation?

Simply email or use the contact us facility on the website. Remember to include the material, thickness and quantity required, please include a drawing/sketch, also an indication of the size the part should be is really helpful. Put simply, we really need something to quote from.

What are the best files to send to obtain a quotation?

A 1:1 in mm DWG and or DXF are perfect and allow us to quote quicker, these files can be imported directly into our quoting software. For simple items we can work from pencil sketches, PDF, Jpegs etc providing all the relevant dimensions are noted on the drawing to enable us to draw the item in CAD software. For more complicated and unique designs we can sometimes convert PDF and jpegs. jpegs need to be high resolution and only be drawn with a hairline and contain no fill. Some software like sketch up and adobe illustrator do allow you to export as either DXF or DWG.

Can you give me a ball park price over the phone?

No sadly not, laser cutting costs are based on many factors and are not priced solely on material size. We will need all the information in an email.

How long will my order take to process?

Orders generally take 5-7 working days from date of payment to process. But it will really depend on many factors.

What if I have an urgent order?

We offer a Fast Track CUTTING service for an additional £25.00 Plus VAT. If payment is received by 1pm (Mon-Fri) the order will be cut and shipped the following day using a next day courier service. We are unable to guarantee that the items will arrive next day due to any situation due to the courier. The Fast track fee is solely for the express cutting of the item(s) and is not related to the shipping.

Can you cut acrylic, wood and plastics?

No we are only set up to cut sheet metals including brass, copper, bronze, aluminium, stainless and mild steel, zintec, galvanised, Corten.

Do you have a minimum order charge?

No we have no minimum order quantity or spend, but unit prices will reduce on higher quantities.

Can I have a sample?

Yes, if producing a volume order we can provide a sample made from your artwork for you to prove. We do charge for this as there is setup and laser time involved. Prices usually start from £25.00 + vat depending on the size of the sample which includes delivery if required. If you then proceed with the volume order then we credit part of this payment against the quantity order.

Do you hold materials in stock?

Yes we generally keep the most commonly used materials in stock and receive next day deliveries from our suppliers.

I cannot use CAD software will LaserMaster draw it for me?

Yes we can, prices start from £15.00 Plus VAT but you will need to supply all the information required to do this, we do not offer a design service.

Does LaserMaster only offer laser cutting?

As well as laser cutting we can also offer bending/folding, welding and fabrication, powder coating, tapping and countersinking and CNC machining. We are always happy to try and help where we can so please ask if you think we may be able to help.

How can I pay if I want to proceed with a quotation?

We accept debit/credit cards by calling 01209 821 902 & Bacs (bank transfer).

I am not sure what material and thickness I need for my project can LaserMaster advise?

Sadly we are not able to advise what material and thickness will best suit your needs.

How large can my item be?

Our laser bed size is 3 m x 1.5 m but a slight border needs to remain so the laser does not go off the edge of the sheet.

Can LaserMaster offer engraving?

No, laser cutters can cut all the way through only, we do not offer engraving.

Can I supply my own material?

Yes we are happy to cut free issue material providing it is suitable for our laser. There is a handling charge for this service, we will need tell you the sheet size required for the parts to be cut also please be aware that we will not take responsibility nor replace the material should the cutting fail on a component. For further information please see our terms and conditions.

I am not in the UK can I use the online easy order system?

Sadly no, but you are very welcome to email your requirements and we can send you a quotation with the correct shipping costs applied.

Will my items arrive polished and finished?

No, parts will probably need further finishing by the end user, we basically cut the 'blank' item(s) for you. See our page 'Finishes'.

What can I expect my items to be like?

Parts will probably need further finishing by the end user, we basically cut the 'blank' item(s) for you. During the cutting process laser cut parts need to be 'tagged' into the sheet to avoid movement whilst cutting and also to avoid losing the part in the machine, this will leave behind a small 'pip' that we do not remove. See our page 'Finishes'. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information.