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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel All types/grades laser cut – 430, 304, 316 in various finishes

Laser cut stainless steel is another very common application. The cut quality is excellent; using Nitrogen assist gas the level of detail achievable is higher than mild steel. It's obviously more expensive than mild steel, but its decorative finishes combined with its corrosion resistance make it widely used across many industries. We laser cut stainless steel for industries ranging from Sign makers through yacht & boat builders to Pharmaceutical Plant Manufacturers, and just about every industry in between.

How Big?

Up to 3000mm x 1500mm

How Small?

Very small - but cut quality will deteriorate on thicker sheet

How Thick?


How Thin?


How Detailed Can it Be?

Detail can be less than the material thickness but will deteriorate on thicker material

Cutting Tolerance as a Guide but this can vary depending on the part size

< 3mm - +/- 0.2mm

3-6mm - +/- 0.2mm

6-12mm - +/- 0.2mm

> 12mm - +/- 0.3mm

What You Should Know

The cut edge on thinner material is very smooth – The edge quality degrades slightly on thicker material

Common Grades Available

430 / 304 / 316

Typical Applications

• Sheet Metalwork

• General Fabrication

• Signage

• Architectural

• Decorative Panels

• Marine Applications

• Street Furniture & Art installations

• Any application needing a degree of corrosion resistance

Types of Finish Available

Dull polished one side – DP1 (brushed)

Mirror Polished one side – MP1

Milled Finished

Bright annealed