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Mild/Carbon Steel

Mild Carbon Steel All types laser cut - CR4, S275, S355, Corten, Zintec and Galvanised.

We probably laser cut & bend more mild steel sheet than any other material including durbar/checker plate. The cut quality is excellent, the level of detail achievable very good, and the versatility of the material means it is used across a vast range of applications. Mild steel is an ideal sheet metal for general fabrications. Mild steel is a low cost material making it an ideal choice prototyping. In addtion to this we also cut Corten, Galvanised and Zintec.

How Big?

Up to 3000mm x 1500mm

How Small?

Very small – but cut quality will deteriorate on thicker sheet

How Thick?


How Thin?


How Detailed Can it Be?

Detail can be less than the material thickness but will deteriorate on thicker material

Cutting Tolerance

< 3mm - +/- 0.1mm

3-6mm - +/- 0.15mm

6-12mm - +/- 0.2mm

> 12mm - +/- 0.3mm

What You Should Know

The cut edge can become hard - the higher the carbon content the harder the cut edge

Common Grades Available

CR4 / S275 / S355

Typical Applications

• Sheet Metalwork

• General Fabrication

• Structural

• Architectural

• Tools

• Prototyping

• Art installations

• Sculptures

• The list is endless...