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Brass Copper All types laser cut – CZ108, C160 But more are available

Laser cutting brass and copper and other copper alloys such as bronze is difficult process on standard co2 laser cutting machines, this was due to the thermal conductivity and reflective properties of these materials that can severely damage traditional co2 lasers. But with fibre optic laser technology we are able to cut brass, copper and bronze up to 10mm thick without a problem. These materials have many uses from engineering components, model making, to artistic applications.

How Big?

Up to 2000mm x 1000mm is standard

How Small?

Very small – but will depend upon material thickness

How Thick?


How Thin?


How Detailed Can It Be?

Generally better if the detail is not less than the material thickness For example 2mm diameter hole in 2mm thick sheet

Cutting Tolerance

< 3mm - +/- 0.1mm

3-6mm - +/- 0.2mm

What You Should Know

The cut edge on thinner material is very smooth – The edge quality degrades slightly on thicker material

Common Grades Available

CZ 108 Brass But more are available

C 160 Copper – But more are available

Typical Applications

• Specialist engineering

• General Fabrication

• Signage & Name Plates

• Architectural

• Decorative Panels

• Microwave Antennas

• Art installations

• Model Making